A Family Owned & Operated Cigar Brand + Wholesale Company

We are a fine, hand made cigar distribution company established in 1988 by a Mr. George Toledo. Since then, people all around the Tampa Bay area have been enjoying the special blend of Los Toledos cigars.

25 years later, Cigar City Ventures Of Tampa Bay, a company owned by the Gonzalez family, acquired Los Toledos cigars in order to expand and bring this one of a kind cigar brand to the rest of America, along with other great brands imported from Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Honduras.

To provide all our clients with the opportunity to enjoy our cigars across the country.

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Quality Cigars

Try our Los Toledo cigar brand, a local favorite throughout the Tampa Bay area. Family owned and operated by the Gonzalez family, Cigar City Ventures offers a simple cigar wholesale solution.

Unlike many other online cigar retailers, Cigar City Ventures offers a wholesale program for local stores throughout the Tampa Bay Area. Become a wholesale partner today!